Hey Mumma, big hugs and a high 5 for making the choice to join the club. On behalf of myself and all the other Mummas, welcome and I look forward to chatting with you soon. Being a mum, I know you are a fierce multitasking queen, so I won't waste your precious hands free time with biz BS. I will however keep you in the loop of all of our events and workshops, discounts, pre-release tickets and club goss.  (Make sure you add me to your email address book so I don't hang out in with SPAM!)

As my way of saying thanks, here is my top 5 suggestions on how to fill my cup....not the coffee kind. Your mental health and happiness- a cheats guide to self care on a budget (you deserve it). Keep an eye out on your email, I'll pop it over to you in a sec. 

Enjoy and speak to you soon lovely. xx 

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